Saturday, January 01, 2011

Electrical Fusion

We decorated the tree in the front yard again this year, as we have every year since we moved in some 15 years ago on a hot summer day. By 'we' I mean Rob and the girls.

But this year, things took an ugly turn. This year, the girls walked in after school one afternoon with two bulbs in their hands that had been snipped off at the base of each socket- on both sides of the socket.

Teeth marks on the socket led us to realize it was the squirrels. The squirrels we feed so they will leave the bird feeder along (most of the time).

They started with the newer, green-colored wires...but the carnage continued as they worked their way through those strands and moved on to the older sets we still had from the house purchase.

Clearly we've been allowing them to make the rules for too long and it's time to end their days of gluttony.

One of the last hold-outs in a long line of holiday decor victims.

How do we get a hawk to come live in our trees?

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