Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Back, But Not Really Refreshed

Look, look, look down below - Erin from BlogHer gets the hat tip for educating me on how to adjust the YouTube link. I am delighted, I tell you, because that has always bugged me.

How is your holiday planning going? I've got my schedule planned out - a list of dates and what food/gifts need to be ready by then - and still, when Rob mentioned an upcoming meeting where he needs to bring a dessert I was all, "Wait - that's Monday?!" I need to start plotting out my days between now and the holiday crush...it helps me pace myself and not run around like Chicken Little.

Have you noticed the groovy music during the (thankfully, free of crazy-lady) Target commercials? I realized the other day that they have free downloads of the tunes on their website and I've been enjoying them ever since.

Behold, the craftiness of my daughters:

They made these themselves at a make-and-take event, and I think they did a bang-up job.


Glenda said...

I need to get my schedule made. A night or two ago I made my Christmas Eve dinner + desserts list -- all new recipes, other than my grandma's dressing recipe. I can't seem to stop adding to the desserts part of the list!!

If the three Es should ever decide to open an Etsy shop, I'd absolutely buy some of their wares. I love those bracelets!

Robo said...

Are you saying that there is someone at BlogHer that is named "Eris"? Or is that a Freudian slip of your fingers? I don't see any comment from anyone named Eris.

Nancy R said...

Rob, that was a typo.

Nancy R said...

Glenda, it was so much fun! I didn't make one for myself, because I thought I would have to help E3 more. I think their favorite was sifting through the six big bins of beads to choose the ones they wanted to use.

The girl in charge is a law student, and she makes jewelry to sell for her spending money while in college.