Thursday, November 11, 2010

We've Got Butterflies

First there was a Cow Parade.

The Tulsa Zoo had Penguins on Parade.

Southlake, Texas has the Southlake Stampede.

Next Spring in the St. Louis area, we'll have Wings In The City.

If you click on 'gallery' on the top right of their webpage, you'll get to see all the's difficult to say which is my favorite. I can't wait to see them around the city next Spring!


Anonymous said...

We have sheep =).

I think the butterflies are *much* cuter . . . but this is sheep and goat ranching country, so at least our city opted for sheep rather than goats ;-).


Ali said...

I love these. Portland had cows, and Seattle had pigs for a while. So fun to find them all! And the butterflies are beautiful.