Friday, November 05, 2010

Signs Of Yore

This summer, the day before we left for Texas, E1 and E2 participated in a girls' day out event at our Community College. E3 and I picked up some last minute things for our trip, and then I planned on stopping at a playground after a quick drive around town. I remembered going shopping there back in the day - back when Woolworth's still existed. Unfortunately, during our drive around town it began to rain - eliminating our playground time.

So, I took pictures with my phone...and discovered the most recent software update had added zoom to my phone. Woo!

It's a Carillon! I don't think I'd heard the word before that day.

E3 at the Carillon.

E3 wanted a picture of the stone on this house...we circled the block something like three times and this is the best shot I could get. Well, without stopping the car...there was no place to park nearby.E3 also wanted a picture of this fighter plane in the park...she was certain it was the same plane her friend A's Mom flies in Iraq. A's Mom is a surgeon, I think, but E3 got the Air Force part right.

Finally it was close to the time to grab some sub sandwiches and go pick up our glamour girls.

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Glenda said...

Love the brick and rock on that house.

Great pic of the glamour girls.