Sunday, November 21, 2010

Send Brain Food

Rob and I started playing Myst IV Revelation a couple of nights ago and it's kicking our butts. We haven't even made it through our first world yet, we've found no 'revelation' as to where our link to the next world is. Rob's Krypto skills helped us power up our current world, and my time in the trenches of the PBS years watching Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat helped my mimic the calligraphy of the language in our current world.

We're currently stuck in a fireplace trying to figure out a chess-like puzzle.


Glenda said...

That looks pretty interesting. I asked Andrew if he'd heard of it and he said he had and that it seems to be full of puzzles. Are y'all playing on the PC or a game system?

Sagwa!! I had forgotten all about that show; I enjoyed watching it with Andrew =). One of the better PBS cartoons, IMO.

Nancy R said...

We're playing on the PC. It's full of puzzles that you discover and think, "Surely they don't expect us to...DAMN, that's EXACTLY what the expect us to do."

Glenda said...

Sounds like fun; I'll have to keep that on my radar =).