Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Return To The Hut

We made our first dinner outing to Pizza Hut this school year, courtesy of the Pizza Hut Book It Program. Once again, we went to our favorite Hut - the one with the Trivial Pursuit cards on the tables. Sadly, E3 has mostly moved beyond her amusing answers of days gone by; tonight she was all about being able to take a turn reading the questions. Which meant I didn't get to guess answers for those because I had to help out on some more challenging words.

No, tonight the highlight was our server. He struck me as possibly a new-ish employee, and the place was a bit slammed with take-out, there was a line waiting to pick-up and pay and people were carrying out six pizza boxes at a time! Apparently one of the local schools was having a fundraiser.

As it was, we were one of very few tables occupied in the dining area but the workers were hustling and bustling. I forgot to say I wanted salad when placing the order and Server nicely stopped me at the salad bar to ask if I wanted to add a salad to my order, and verified our pizza order for the third time (seriously, Buddy, just write it down already)..oops. He delivered E2 and E3's free personal pan pizzas first, and then made a second trip to refill E2's root beer and bring out the pizza E1 and I ordered. On Server's return trip to our table the pizza paddle tipped and 2 or 3 slices of our pie went SPLAT.

I laughed. I couldn't help it - it was something that I could easily see happening to me. He gave us that pizza and said he'd make another one as well. By the time I snapped-to and realized how much pizza we were going to have, the replacement pie was already in the oven. I resigned myself to taking it home, unsure of when we'd have time to eat it in the coming days.

Another Server brought the replacement pie out on the paddle and asked me to make room for it on the table. We hadn't come close to finishing what we had...not such an observant crew tonight. I requested it be boxed AND asked for a box for what we already had...and left SPLAT Server a nice tip for my laughing.

Anyone want a slice of pepperoni, sausage, and onion stuffed crust?

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