Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not So Pioneer Woman

Last week I attempted to make the Cinnamon Rolls in The Pioneer Woman's cookbook (she just posted alternate variations this week). The recipe is really easy, and didn't seem to take much time, so I figured I'd give it a go. It makes a lot of rolls, and if I knew the recipe well - had experience with it - I'd totally be making a full batch and storing those babies away in the freezer like a squirrel stores nuts. But, this was my first try and just in case it turned out I needed to tweak things I decided to half the recipe.

I think I deserve points for caution because, dude...

Ree: "Don't be afraid to drizzle on more butter or more sugar! Because the way I see it, if a little butter and sugar is good, more is better!"

Me: It's all fun and games until the butter and sugar start running down the front of your cabinets!

I fully admit to laughing sort of uproariously at this point. I think I should have poured the butter on in smaller increments instead of, oh, ALL of it...but Ree said I shouldn't be afraid, and goll-darnit, I was showing no fear!

I squishly sliced individual rolls and plopped them into pans.

Not much rising happened, because I flubbed an earlier step...where she says to sprinkle yeast and leave it set for about a minute? Yeah, I mis-took that for the following step of allowing the entire mixture to set for an I sprinkled the yeast and let it sit for an hour. Honestly, I read the recipe through twice, but my mind swapped the one minute for the one hour in an odd recipe-dyslexia episode.

Nonetheless, the final product didn't look too bad.

And then I repeated my butter mistake by using ALL the icing on the pans.

They're very dense and quite a bit overly sweet. Naturally, the girls LOVE them.
I look forward to making them, with a little more control, again.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try the re-do. I'll be home the weekend of the chili...hint, hint.


Glenda said...

I've not used Ree's recipe - it struck me as probably being way too sweet (the icing, anyway). I have a pretty major sweet tooth, but looking at all that icing gives me the sugar-shivers!

The couple of times I've made homemade cinnamon rolls, I've used Paula Deen's recipe off Food Network's site. I like reading the reviews because you get a good idea of what might need to be tweaked. Seems like I used less sugar than called for because of the reviews, and they were still plenty sweet.

When cooler weather sets in here, I'll totally be baking up some cinnamon rolls . . . and an apple pie would be good too!