Thursday, September 09, 2010

Last Day Of Summer Vacation

The day before the girls started school we made a quick trip to the St. Louis Zoo. E3's arm was still in a splint waiting for a cast, but she was comfortable and it hadn't really slowed her down so I figured we may as well carry on as planned.

This boulder they're sitting on is a water feature at the North entrance that has brass 'critters' worked into it. I forget how many there are - a docent once told me, but it has frogs, bugs, snakes, mice, turtles (one eating a snake!). I don't think we've ever walked past it without them climbing on it.

E2 wanted a picture of the map after she pointed out that the zoo is shaped like a shoe.

We visited the Sting Rays and just missed their feeding time. We did get to pet them though, and that little one at the top of the picture is only 15 months old. Awww, Baby Sting Ray! That's what you hear when you're with three girls, "Awww!"

There was a docent near these birds, but I don't recall what any of them are. She mentioned that when this particular bird flaps it's wings people always assume it's preening for their cameras, but she thought it was the bird's way of cooling off (it was really hot the day we were there). I told her I do the same thing only I call it "cooling my pits".


Look at the talons on this guy!

There are two turkeys that roam in the Children's Zoo and they're remarkably friendly. Oddly enough, they seem to be at their most relaxed state while watching the river otters.

River Otters.

There was a new addition since the last time we visited the zoo. E1 and I were convinced this one was stalking us. We called it Stalker Chicken.


Hungry Hungry Hippo!
Stalker Chicken! After seeing him cross our paths several times, E1 followed him to his hiding place...where another chicken was sitting on a nest! He made funny growling noises at me while I took this picture. Growling Stalker Chicken.

Aside from entering the penguin exhibit, a chilly 60 degrees, this is the best way to catch a cool breeze on a hot day at the zoo.

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Aunt Christine would have said "Aww!" too.