Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Armchair Dancing Judgements

From an email my sister Amy sent: Can someone get Brooke Burke a shirt? - I don't want to see your boobs.

My reply: I agree about Brooke Burke, although I would rather just have someone else doing that job…she’s just one awkward pause/silence after another.

I think Audrina and Tony got jipped last night, dancing first; they were easily just as good as some of the others who scored higher. I’ve never seen her reality show.

I liked Kurt Warner too, but he’s got some work to do.

I LOVED the Disney Channel guy, but I suspect he’s got some dancing experience. I’ve never seen his show either. I always like the ‘performers’ who go all out.

The basketball guy left no impression, other than Cheryl looks wee and tiny next to him.

Margaret Cho…should have waited a week or two before pulling out the funny stuff – the judges weren’t ready.

Florence Henderson did pretty good, again a ‘performer’.

I liked Brandy. We’ve seen her in Cinderella – the broadway version on VHS from the library.

I don’t think Bristol is going to be around long. Sadly, I think she’s similar to Kate Gosselin in that she’s got neither athletic OR performing as a background.

I agree about The Situation (she called him a name) – and I’ve never seen his show either.

I don’t think Hoff will be around long either.

Who was Chelsey Hightower with? She essentially lead him around the floor. (It was Michael Bolton)

My favorite is Jennifer Grey.

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Glenda said...

I rarely watch DWTS (mostly because I rarely watch the main tv channels, so I forget to check them!), but I always enjoy reading your DWTS posts.

Brooke Burke -- I've never understood the attraction. Then again, I don't find boobs "all that" so maybe that's a key factor. (Honestly, tho, no one can pull off barely-covered boobs like Pamela Anderson.)

I saw a behind-the-scenes clip of Jennifer Grey doing very wide V-leg splits and her torso was forward and totally flat on the floor. Wow! That's one flexible lady. I kinda figured she'd have good dancing chops and would be a contender for the win this season.

The kid from "Corey in the House" (very cheesy Disney show) did some dancing on "That's So Raven" years ago and had some pretty good moves.

I might have to follow along watching the show this season. Seems like there are a handful of good dancers.