Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Send More Sunscreen

It is positively sweltering here in the Midwest...and I with my high sweat quotient pretty much start dripping from the pores the moment I step outside. Even if I'm sitting completely still in the shade I still have sweat rolling. We're under an "excessive heat warning" with peak "feels like" temps around 110-115 and a side of swamp-like humidity. Yummy!

I generously offered to let the girls have friends over for the past two days to play on our water slide. Other than offering a snack and making sure the towels get draped on something for a few minutes so they can dry it's been relatively easy overall. But it's been a very sweaty two days for me.

I've found it interesting to learn that the younger-aged children are better behaved than the older punks. Rob's cousin was over with her kids this morning and we decided it's probably because the younger kids have yet to figure out that being polite and respectful is a choice. This afternoon it's just one of E2's friends, and E1 went over to visit a friend of hers, so only three girls...and they're doing well without constant supervision. I'm just perched here on the couch, water slide directly out the front window, enjoying the air conditioning.

I've taken photos of all our guests over the last two days...but I've yet to get out there with the current friend...well, I dropped a bowl of popcorn and some drinks on a towel in the shade earlier...but I guess I should go out there and take a few obligatory shots soon.

If I had any Photo shop skills at all I'd totally add this afternoon's friend to a previously taken photo like this and call it done.

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Alyssa Ast said...

I agree with you about younger kids being better than older kids. Some of the older bunch are down right rude!!