Monday, June 07, 2010

We Just Missed Tiptoeing Through The Tulips

Near the end of the school year we tried to take advantage of a day the girls had off of school to go to the zoo...but it was CRAZY crowded. So, while stuck in traffic trying to get away from the zoo we formulated another plan: Missouri Botanical Garden!

We had lunch with Rob first, and then headed over. Admission is fairly inexpensive, but it costs a little extra for the Children's Garden...but it's worth it.

It was a bit of a stuffy hot day, but then clouds started moving in and I think we heard thunder too.

We had to dash through a bit of a downpour, but we quickly made it to The Climatron.

I call this my Oompa Loompa background.

The sun returned by the time we finished exploring. All in all, it was a great save for the day.

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Glenda said...

Those botanical gardens are gorgeous, and you can't go wrong when getting wet is part of the day's roster :).

That toothless smile is ADORABLE!!!