Thursday, May 27, 2010

On My Mind

I didn't figure out how to blog from my phone yet, if that wasn't apparent. I feel like I'm probably overlooking something obvious, but I haven't really done any investigating other than to see if blogger has an app.

We blew out the end of the school year with a weekend trip to Kalamazoo, MI, and got our money's worth of the hotel stay from time spent in the pool alone.
Kalamazoo Holidome, stay cool.
We ate at a great place downtown called The Union, and our kids were the kind of well-behaved in a mostly-grown-up-public-place that you always hope they'll be, and the waitstaff, in return, were generously accommodating in making one of their appetizers a kid-friendly entree, AND making one of their desserts peanut allergy-friendly. Then we spent more time at the pool. I mean, seriously:

There's lots of other things, and hopefully I'll get to them all, know how I am, right? Have I ever posted pictures and video - OH! The Video! from Memphis? I don't think I have. Life gets in the way of my grand ideas sometimes.

I'm so far behind on my photo uploading process that I've finally thrown-in the towel on my efforts to adjust lighting and color on MOST of my photos and am only doing it to the ones that DESPERATELY need it so I can get those suckers uploaded to Shutterfly and my family can actually SEE that we really did those things and aren't just telling stories while we're actually living like hermits in the basement. I've got Mother's Day uploaded, but not to the share site - I had to pause so my Sister-in-law Christine could upload video she took of the 6th grade play - but there's still awards, graduations, and other stuff I can't remember right now.

E3 suffered an ankle sprain the Friday before we left, and concerned parents that we are, we let it go thinking she'd forget about it...except she didn't...well, when she was in the pool she would forget...or when she was in the hot tub...

Swim rings in the hot tub=brilliant!

She also complained about the gums by her newly sprouting front tooth...which, upon close inspection revealed a remnant of her long-gone baby tooth that was working it's way out. Not to be outdone by our weekend, my sister's family of five all had the flu, and Nephew F trumped us all by having an emergency appendectomy.

What's really been on my mind though is The Dixie Chicks - I've seen billboards that they are touring with The Eagles, but I've also seen a new CD released by the Chick Sisters calling themselves Court Yard Hounds. It's made me realize how much I've missed hearing the Dixie Chicks on the radio, so I searched this out tonight. Enjoy:

Completely unrelated - I never realized how much Natalie Maines and Rachel McAdams resemble one another.

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