Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Apologies, Etc


I've got a few minutes here so I'm going to bang out my thoughts on Dancing With The Stars...I meant to have time to post, AND I promised myself I'd buy some flowers for the front bed today, but there was an interruption to my plan for the day that has left a few things hanging...sigh. It's all good though, so ONWARD!

After the first two weeks of DWTS, I wanted to see Buzz Aldrin go, followed by Kate Gosselin. I felt they were equally poor dancers but...God Bless America, Buzz, I really didn't want Kate to be the first to go! Carrie Ann called attention to a very valid point - Kate is the only competitor who has no dancing/athletic skills OR acting skills...she's the only true novice overall...THAT is what I would be like if I were on the show (minus the rockin' tummy-tuck)...and I think it's pretty brave of her to try this, even if it's probably for publicity and money in the end.

Shannon was sent home that week! Hello? Didn't anyone understand my plan via mental telepathy?

So, by the second vote I would have been okay with either Buzz or Kate leaving and it was Buzz.

And then there was this week - the week where we heard Tony telling Kate to toughen-up and DO THIS THING to prove her ex wrong...or something to that effect...AND she actually showed some improvement! And did you see her face after she danced? It was like a great big sigh of relief for NOW, she can go home on a happy note.

And then she didn't go home. Aiden did...and I'm not entirely certain who he is...the soap opera guy, right?

So, I'm at the point I get to every year where I just want the least-skilled people to scram so we can get on with the competition. I hate it when the people with decent dancing skills get axed due to the fan vote. Remember Billy Ray? He was on there way too long. And, I think it's probably time Kate exits too.

Maybe she'll take Brooke Burke with her...a viewer can hope!

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