Thursday, February 18, 2010

Knights of COLUMBUS!

One of the best things about the special effects on The 40 Year-Old Virgin DVD is all the outtakes of Will Ferrell 'exclaiming'.

I say: Knights of Columbus! How can it already be Thursday?!

E1 participated in a spelling bee over the weekend...and was the first one out. (Second round -'Specialty'). She was one of 9 kids, grades 5-8, and they were all great spellers. She DID get 10 extra credit points from her English/Literature teacher though. And she can only go up from there, right?

E2 is mastering two consecutive back handsprings at gymnastics, but Rob reports that the second one is still a struggle..."frog-legs" were mentioned in the description.

E3 is finally, gradually, growing confident in her reading skills. She can do it, but she HATES to fail and so avoids trying so she doesn't have to make mistakes. Lucky for her she's making an effort because we were going to have to come up with torture techniques soon.

Volleyball is still going butt still has not adjusted. A fellow volleyball mom and I decided it's these new-fangled plastic bleachers - they are contoured in a non-butt-like fashion...or at least a not-like-our-butts fashion.

E1 is improving her game. I'm using the games to improve my camera skills...not that they ARE improving, but I snap away regardless.

I, and many other parents, are struggling to call our team by the right name. We live in town A and are the cougars. Town D, the Indians, combined sports teams with our school this year. The combination is going quite well - better than expected, I think. However, now we are the A-D Cougars, still Cougar blue. If I cheer for our team I almost always call out, "Let's go, A!", at least once before remembering we're not "A", we're "A-D"...and saying the two together, at least in 'encouraging cheer format' is quite a mouthful...a six-syllable mouthful. So, mostly I've been yelling, "Let's go, Blue!" Until tonight when the other team was wearing blue too...

"Let's go, Cougars!"

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