Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random 'I' Statements

I keep a daily journal, mostly a list of things I have/want to do each day, along with just about anything else that needs to be written - notes on phone calls, lists of emails I need to send, etc. I date each page. For the first two weeks of this year I got the year, 2010, correct...but continued to write the month as 12.

I've had a upper respiratory cold nearly every month since...September? August? Nothing too over-taxing adn mostly just an annoying inconvenience...I think I might be allergic to my house...or I'm building up the most kick-ass immune system ever.

I suspect the reason I'm not getting a lot of my MAJOR to-do list things done is due to working out and volunteering at the school library. Working out and volunteering don't mix with Getting Stuff Done. Do I choose my physical health and shaft the to-do's, or do I choose my mental health and get some stuff done? The upper respiratory crud regularly kicks me off of my walking groove. What does it say about me that the decluttering is more alluring right now?

I am tracking eating with the phone app Lose It! My log is so sad people. So pitiful and sad.

I need to get off my duff and type out my thoughts on food, eating, the book The Unhealthy Truth, and food allergies, etc., before I've composed it so many times in my head that I can't remember what I want to say. Rob got the wireless card we needed to get the laptop working again, so maybe I'll pound it out here one of these nights.

I am experiencing an overwhelming urge to hibernate. New Year, schmew schmear...wake me when it's spring.

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Glenda said...

Oh girl, decluttering is ALWAYS more alluring to me than working out!! Granted, I've been enjoying my current workouts & I miss them when I skip a day, BUT . . . I love decluttering & puttering around the house & that kind of stuff will always appeal to me more ;-).

I'll be curious to hear your thoughts about food allergies, etc. -- that was a very interesting book, overwhelming at times, but interesting.