Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Better To Not Eat You With, My Dear

One night this week at bedtime I was negotiating which books I would read to E3:

Me: How about this Hello Kitty book - have you ever read this one?

E3, sighing: No. I don't want to read that one.

Me: Why not? Why is it you like cats but you don't like Hello Kitty?

E3: I like Hello Kitty!

Me: Sometimes you do - you like that Surprize Ink Hello Kitty book and your new pajamas...but you don't want to read this, you don't like your Hello Kitty necklace*, you don't like to wear your Hello Kitty shirt.

E3 What Hello Kitty shirt?

Me: The Hawaii one you got from Grandma...or Aunt Christine.

E3: Oh.'s just that...(deep breath)...Hello Kitty doesn't have a mouth and I don't like that.

Me, flipping the book back to the cover: Huh! Well you're right...I've never noticed that before.
I had a hard time not giggling.

That child...she continues to fascinate with her observations.
(That Hello Kitty book is a pain to read anyway. It's one of those picture clue books, and unless you're very familiar with all of Hello Kitty's friends you wind up flipping to the flashcard things in the back as a sort of glossary.)
It is kind of odd though, now that I've thought about it. They sometimes successfully show different emotions by changing the way her eyes are drawn...but why no mouth? It's right up there with What kind of animal is Goofy?
*She doesn't like any necklaces, so that one doesn't really count. Note to Amy-we turned the necklace you guys gave her for Christmas into a zipper-clip for her backpack.


Glenda said...

Aw, that's cute. I'm not a big fan of drawings / artwork in which the people and creatures are missing an important facial feature, either!

If she otherwise likes the Hello Kitty shirt, you could pretty easily stitch a mouth on using embroidery floss or yarn.

Anonymous said...

That made me giggle...a lot! The shirt did come from me. I like Glenda's idea of stitching a mouth on the shirt.