Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We'll Take Our Report Cards With Frosting

The thrones have found their rightful places! It wasn't nearly as painful as I worried it would be and I'm so glad it's done. The only thing that could have made it better would be E3 eliminating something from her room to make space for the throne. We'll need to replace her bed with a hammock soon.
Nephew F and E3

Yesterday afternoon was spent at the indoor water park of the rec center. It was a good idea apparently, because everyone else was there too.

Our tree is still dominating the living room and I'm at a point where I have to decide whether it's staying for E3's party or kick it in gear, un-adorn it, and kick it to the curb before Saturday.

The family calendar for my Father-in-law's family has been started and finished in the span of the last two days. I'm waiting for one more picture and final verification from the family members on the number I need to order. Chop-chop, people - it's almost the new year and we don't have calendars ordered.

Speaking of chopping...I received a beautiful Shun knife from my Sister-in-law in the old cool gift exchange. I made quick work of a red pepper tonight and now I want to throw out all my other knives and play favorites with this one.

I feel like I'm running on a treadmill at a speed just faster than I can keep up with and stay upright; behind the eight-ball as they say. BUT! Tomorrow we shop, because there are girls here with gift-cards, and gym shoes are needed for basketball, and they're almost due for another report card and we still haven't redeemed their last set of A's for Krispy Kreme. You know what they many A's, so little time...


Glenda said...

Exchanging Andrew's bed for a hammock would make me plenty happy. He's like my mom in that he likes stuff to be spread out in the open so he can *see* and will then *remember* he has it ;-). Some nights I just clear a walking path from his door to his bed when I go tuck him in -- very scary.

Feel free to pass some of those Krispy Kremes our way! (I can't remember the last time I had a truly delicious donut.)

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your knife and I want one of my own now. I also need the cutting board too. of these days.