Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Weekend Sports

My sinuses have been invaded! It's sad, because while I don't think my nose is anything unusually fantastic I WAS accustomed to having it on my face...and now, it will have to be whacked off so the evil mucous can be suctioned out...tsk, tsk.


Saturday evening was the Fun Meet at gymnastics for E2 and E3 - a 'show off' event for family and friends. A good time was had by all, and E3 want to go to a Fun Meet every week.

E3 on the beam.

E2 on the floor.



Oh, and there was that soccer game too.

E3 loves her coach.

Pass the tissues - I'm going to go curl up with the Neti Pot.


rrolves said...

I believe the young one was telling me her cheeks were cold but my hands were warm. Nothing about loving or coaching there, but I guess one could read between the lines.

Glenda said...

Your poor nose :(. My nose sympathizes because it was this close >< to being whacked off just a week ago for the same reason.

Cute pics :).