Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bullets Over Bloggville

  • Yesterday I did something I've never done before. I sort of...matched-up two people...for FRIENDSHIP, but still. What if they don't like each other and blame me? They are both in my Facebook Friend List, and they are the only two my mind know one another...but they don't know each other in real life. So, I told them both I was introducing them to reduce my mental confusion.

  • Shopping for greeting cards has become a miserable experience for me. In college,I used to love standing at the card racks reading all the funny cards, some of them wickedly funny. Too often, I would buy cards with no recipient intended...relying on the belief that the right person would come to mind. Now, all I can find are cards about politics, being OLD, or just offensive in general- there are seriously WAY too many fart related cards out there. Maybe I should be card shopping on a college campus...I miss Gary Larson's Far Side.

  • E3, my biggest dress-lover to date, was precariously close to joining her sister's in ditching dresses in Kindergarten. I tried to help her out buy setting aside three pair of shorts that would be easy to wear under a dress/skirt, and she has many skorts...but darn those Kg boys who STILL snicker "like they think it's my underwear". BUT! The weather turned cool and we've moved on to leggings and tights, and so her fashion integrity is still intact.

  • I am still, STILL, reading The Unhealthy Truth...for me, it's slow-going with the non-fiction stuff...and the information is overwhelming and alarming...and continually leaves me wonder why there hasn't been more news coverage on this. The most recent stunner I've read:

"As we've already seen, European countries have often acted before our own government to protect their citizens' health. In Norway, for example, Yellow 5, a.k.a. tartrazine, is banned.

As of this writing tartrazine is not federally banned in England. Nevertheless, a whole host of companies, including the U.K. branches of Wal-Mart, Kraft, Coca-Cola, and the Mars candy company (who make M&M's), have voluntarily removed artificial colors, the preservative sodium benzoate, and even Rumsfeld's* aspartame from their products.

When I read about this in the spring of 2007, I was stunned. Our American companies had removed these harmful ingredients from their products overseas - but not here?"

*Yes, THAT Rumsfeld. According to O'Brian's research he had a lot to do with aspartame being approved by the FDA...regardless of what the independent research committees recommended.

  • On a happier note, I *think* I may be settling into a daily routine that has me feeling less frantic...I don't want to say that too loudly though until I've got things down.
  • And, Girl Scout cookie sales are almost over...a reprieve until all those boxes arrive!

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Glenda said...

I used to find some wickedly funny cards at our grocery store, but when they did a big renovation they apparently quit carrying whatever brand that was. Same thing with the big bookstore here that used to carry funny cards. I feel your pain.

I've added that book to my to-read list. I tend to be a slow reader with non-fiction, so I think I'll do myself and the library a favor and just go ahead and buy a copy.

Glad to hear you're beginning to find a routine of sorts :).