Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Over It

Earlier this week as E3 was getting dressed for school, I tidied her bed.

"Mom, can we get rid of those blankets? They're kind of babyish."

Thinking she meant the three baby blankets piled between the sheets I said that we could indeed take those off the bed. However, when I went to remove them she stopped me.

"No, I mean those." Her bedsheets.

E3 has never been big into the princess thing. Oh, she has a princess backpack...but that was a gift and I think the fact that it's a backpack is the most important part. Nearly every princess shirt that comes out of the clothes bin gets turned away.

She never wears the play clothes dresses we have, and she never asks to watch the movies we have either. I guess she's balancing out all the viewings of Cinderella we sat through with E1.

So, I pulled out the spare set of sheets I have for her bed and offered them for her approval, mentioning that they were mine in college. She said she'd consider them.

While she was at school I washed them and made up her bed with the 'new' sheets. When she got home she said she loved them and was so glad she picked much for thinking about it.

They're a nicer thread count than the princess sheets.

I'll worry she's growing up too fast when she asks to have those three baby blankets removed.

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Glenda said...

I love that you have sheets from when you were in college. Sheets today simply do not feel like sheets did "back in the day".

When she's ready to get rid of the baby blankets, you could sew them together into some sort of pillow or pillowcase, so they're not *totally* gone :).