Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The End Of An Era

Rob heard a rumor that our local pool would be taking their high-dive down after this summer, so we took advantage of a night free of activities the last week the pool was open to get in a few last jumps. And of course, by 'we' I mean the girls.

E3's first time...well, one of them...I had camera issues and she jumped off three times.

E2 Dives

The word is that they'll be doing some major repairs and improvements in the off-season which will require removing the dives...and since the high-dive was grandfathered-in when regulations changed years ago, once it comes down it can't be put back.
Rob thinks it will go to that place in the sky where all the metal playground equipment from our youth has gone.


Glenda said...

That's probably where all the pool slides are, too.

One of the local public pools here has a slide and a very high diving board - the kids LOVE it (rightfully so!).

Julia said...

I love the picture with the dive! I've never been to a pool with a high dive. I'm not sure if I'd have the guts.

Katie's blog said...

That is funny you talk about the metal playground equipment from your youth. I just took the boys to our time share and they got to play on that playground equipment. It was like going back in time! It was all metal. I didn't know there was any left.