Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Miss Them

I will pick up my punks from the campground tomorrow morning and we will head directly to gymnastics, immediately immersing ourselves in our regularly scheduled craziness. It's been nice having the time alone, but I miss them. The house is far too quiet.

We go through a lot less toilet paper though.

And I haven't cooked dinner since I don't know when.

And Rob and I saw Harry Potter last night...and we're having dinner at the winery tonight.

I got a lot done - some closets cleaned, peanut allergy stuff discussed with school...but I'm looking forward to having all my punks under one roof again.

E3 making power tools look cute.


Glenda said...

I am totally curious what you and Rob thought about HBP!

Glad your punks will be home :). Yes, it's definitely too quiet when the kids are gone!!

Katie's blog said...

I love our mini vacation away each year, but I think I miss them more as each year passes. Punks are truly a joy to have around.