Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sometimes My Brilliance Surprises Me

Behold the awesome idea I had for our upcoming vacation. We are attempting to travel without checking any bags, and will be staying in a house with a washer and dryer, so I limited the girls to 4 outfits each. In an effort to do some planning ahead we negotiated clothing, and when an agreement was reached, I took a picture. Now, when it's time to pack I'll know exactly what to grab/run through the laundry and mash into their suitcases.

E3 is more particular with her clothing choices than the other two girls ever were at this age. She often has to arrange a potential outfit on the floor before she decides it's acceptable, and she felt VERY constrained by the four ensemble limit. She negotiated up to two tops with one skort for her fourth, technically giving her five outfits - a generous compromise, considering she claimed she wanted to bring all the clothes in her closet.

That's a brown, golf-appropriate shirt above the white capri pants. E1 included her swimsuits in the photo too. Her swollen left eye is strategically angled away from the camera. Those red flip flops are awesomely cute.

E2 was the least-finicky about her clothing choices, but copied her younger sister on the two-shirts with one shorts idea. Baa the sheep -an essential item -is clutched in her right hand.

I KNOW, right? Totally brilliant!

Next on my agenda - convince airlines to do away with reclining seats in coach (it doesn't provide any additional comfort) and instead provide a Velcro strap on the headrest to prevent the dreaded head-bob when passengers doze. Also, include a reminder in the safety spiel ...something to the effect of: your tray table? It's attached to the seat in front of you, so stop with the slamming and finger drumming, pal.


Glenda said...

Hey, now that IS smart! Very nice to vacation at a place with a washer & dryer -- our favorite vacation hideaway has a W&D and I make use of them so we can pack light.

Julia said...

They're so cute!