Friday, May 08, 2009

Butterflies And Nuts


Remember the post about Nuts ? I planted close to 100 acorns (6 in two different spots in the yard - the rest in boxes by the South-facing window in the garage) and so far only one of the garage nuts is sprouting. Them's not very good odds, Lucy. Several of them looked as though they were cracked and ready - I could see the beginning of a green root emerging from the bottom, so I 'm not sure what happened. Anyone have acorn experience?


We have Butterflies! The day after I wrote that plea for hatching ,three of the buggers busted out just like that. Thursday morning, the other two followed suit. One of the first three seems to be a butterfly with a wing disability, as it's wings are curled up and disfigured. It also was the only one of the three with meconium discharge (a lot) after emerging (it's red, and a bit alarming to see), but I have no idea if there's a connection between the two. Our current plan is to place that one directly into the flower garden outside so it can live out it's days (they only live 2-4 weeks) with plenty of food.

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