Friday, April 17, 2009

If I Could Find The Hourglass I'd Flip It

We're coming up on a week-long span of craziness, including (in no particular order) travel, sleepovers, First Communion, and trivia night that ends in a tumble of family wedding and first birthday party.

I can't get my travel packing list to print from this computer. The computer is working fine, but back when it wasn't and I was using the 'shutter-down' computer upstairs we realized how often that thing was calling it quits and decided we had to make some changes so it wasn't so treacherous for the kids to do homework on that computer. The threat of vocabulary sentences vanishing in the blink of an eye prompted us to do some switching around and eliminate the troublesome CPU...but my CPU was moved upstairs and my documents are still up there I think. I should be able to print them, but I still need to check that. Fingers crossed.

I have to make a poster/display board with all the First Communion...sorry, we're now calling it First Holy Eucharist (Sister explained it and it made sense, but I don't remember the reason)' photos on it. And, I want to bake some muffins and granola bars for the upcoming sleepovers...and then there's all the packing. I need to keep doing deep-breathing through it all too. I tend to get stressed and go into overdrive with all the planning and packing and arranging. And then the moment I'm all "AHhhhhhh, I'm free to relax." I get slammed with a hellish migraine. So, migraine prevention - let's all take a deep breath.


Send me your sightseeing or dining recommendations for Long Beach, California, if you have some. Thanks!

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