Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Full Up

Our little town has three blood drives a year. Two are hosted by the Jaycees, and the third is hosted by the grade school. The average number of donors is 20 - maybe 25 on a good day.

Last August the Ladies Sodality from church hosted a fourth blood drive, and just the other day, the chairperson was telling me they only had ten donors and she didn't think they'd do it again this year. I told her it was probably because it was the first time there had been one in town at that time of year and that once donors get used to having that drive available the numbers would go up to the average of the other drives.

Twenty donors hardly seems like it would be worth the Red Cross's time, right? But if people are willing to donate, they will come.

Last night was the blood drive at the school; the goal they set (the Red Cross sets one for every drive) was 27 donors. Of course, they bring supplies for more donors - in fact, last night they had supplies for an additional 17 donors.

They still ran out of supplies (the donor bags) and had to turn donors away. The Superintendent of our school was making them promise to go to a drive that's in a neighboring town today.

I've never been to a blood drive that went over goal, and I have no idea what was different about yesterday's drive (I heard that some of the upper grade teachers offered extra credit for every donor the students recruited), but it was pretty awesome.

Go donate some blood, if you are physically, medically, able. I don't want to hear about your needle aversions - if, heaven forbid, you had a terminal illness you would be getting many more needle sticks than a blood donation. Just suck it up and go - bring your I-pod, bring your phone, bring a book, and it will be over before you know it. Then come here and tell me you did it.

I am not responsible for injuries inflicted while kicking yourself afterwards when you realize you've been avoiding something so easy all these years.


Robo said...

I did it.

Jenn said...

I used to donate blood frequently. I have no aversion to needles. However, the last time I gave blood was a really, really bad experience and I haven't been back. Not only did the nurse bruise the crap out of my arm and hurt me, I ended up passing out because I had (duh) failed to eat all day.

I know I should go back and give more, but that last donation was traumatic.

Ali said...

Last I checked, I wasn't eligible to give blood because I was in England in the 80s (can't remember what the reason is). Glad your blood drive did so well! Every donor counts.

Nancy R said...

Ali, I think that may be when all the Mad Cow stuff began over there.

Jenn, I understand about the bad experience. I always hope for the oldest worker when I'm there, figuring they have the most experience. ;o) I think the finger prick hurts more than the needle stick