Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Lists Are Taking Over

I'm beginning to feel like all the holiday-management tasks I'm juggling are about to come crashing down on me. We're in the home-stretch, gift-wise, with only some lottery tickets and one gift exchange gift to purchase.

A couple of pick-ups still need to be made though, and lots of wrapping still needs to happen. Happily, there are portions of a few upcoming days where I will be alone and can tackle the wrapping.

Naturally, I have many lists going on...my favorite being the one in date-order of what gifts get delivered by when (to school, girl scouts, etc.). The one list that needs to remain top-secret...was missing for a while this morning. I was slightly panicked for a while and was considering going into a full-on toss-the-house episode before I found it right where I had hidden it. I'm too sneaky for my own good apparently.

One of the gifts I made was photo-related, and I made it at an online website. In my rush to upload photos, I pissed off Outlook by trying to email five photos (13MB) at once. It's still sitting in the outbox, and the gift is already done. I can't delete it, or move it to another folder, or open it. Any thoughts on how I can eliminate that sucker? It's like a kidney stone in my email.

On a completely unrelated note, here's one of the decorations E2 made us for Halloween:

It makes me laugh, because at first glance it looks like it says, "Spooky Happy Hoo Hoo" , but do you think I should be offended that the "Witch Crossing" is pointed toward the kitchen? What exactly is she trying to say?


Glenda said...

I hate when the top-secret list gets misplaced! Glad you found yours.

I'm clueless about the kidney stone in your email; hopefully someone else can help. I don't make use of Outlook.

I love E2's Halloween sign =)

Lisa said...

Scarey, Happy hoo hoo.

That made me laugh out loud.