Monday, October 06, 2008

What Are They Singing Now?

Did I mention we got tickets to the Cards/Cubs game in Chicago? We did! More than we could use, actually.

When the Person of Connections we thought could help us out didn't get back to us, I started looking for tickets on Ebay. After getting beat out on numerous auctions, I finally bid on one that started at the top of our price range. Since there were a few others that were starting at a lower price I felt pretty good that the auction I was in would be passed over. I was right!
However, the day before that auction was to end we heard from our Person of Connections and he had tickets! We hemmed, and hawed, and asked about the tickets and if Person of Connections and his wife were going too...Reserved Bleachers, and yes, they'd be sitting right next to us!
So, of course, I won the auction for the overpriced tickets in section 218.
We had them shipped to our hotel (first time ever hearing, "We have a package waiting for you." when checking into a hotel), and set off with the idea of scalping the tickets even though neither of us has any scalping experience.
Rob and I successfully navigated the train (with the help of the public transportation link on Google Maps), and as we walked out of the stairwell and turned towards Wrigley Field I heard the magic words, "Tickets for sale! Who wants to sell tickets?"
Tickets unloaded for full purchase price - check.
We ate lunch at Sports Corner (Chicago dog and onion rings for me, bratwurst with sauerkraut for Rob).
We met our Person of Connections and his wife at Murphy's Bleachers, consumed Anheuser-Busch products, and started the game in these reserved bleacher seats...
Then, because Person of Connections had also come up with three other tickets, he sent us to these seats while he went to visit one of the party rooms.

So we sat, relishing the shade with his wife - a Cub's fan.

And then the Cubs won, clinching the National League Central Division.

Sorry. That song's going to be stuck in your head all day now.
That was played over and over (or the refrain was) and every Cubs fan in the place was singing along - including the ushers and security.
Since the crowd was on it's feet, and the usher missing from the top of our aisle, our Person of Connections was able to slip into our row and stand with us. He brought a good portion of the rest of the stadium with him, and the people just kept filing past our row, going down the steps to... I don't know where but they just kept going , and yet none of them surfaced on the field or were carted off by security.
On the way back to the train we saw the largest Ozzie Smith impersonator ever.

As we waited on the platform for our return train trip, and marveled at the crowds down below that filled the streets, the Cubs fans reprised Go Cubs Go! for the conclusion of our day of baseball adventure.

This weekend the Cubs were swept out of the playoffs. I guess it's time to start practicing the Super Bowl Shuffle.


Beth said...

Oh, it's just soooo sad they got swept, isn't it? NOT!!!

Ali said...

:::Resisting snide remark to person I don't know who's probably actually a very nice person.:::

Thanks for posting the pictures, Nancy. Next best thing to being there! I'd show them to Chris but at this point it would just make him sad.

Nancy R said...

LOL, Ali! Chris was on my mind while we were there.

It WAS a fun day, this first visit to Wrigley, and after the win the Cubs Fan wife revealed to us that she's got a perfect record of bringing in a Cubs win when she attends Cubs/Cards games.