Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Annie Are You Okay?

When viewing our daily dose of Chuck over at Dooce, I clicked through the link she posted to Michael Jackson's video for Don't Stop Til You Get Enough.

Nephew F: That's a girow(girl).

Me: No, he's a boy.

F: No. That's a girow.

Me: (pointing to an ad on the right that shows a woman) THAT's a girl, but this (pointing to singing and dancing Michael Jackson) is a boy.

F: He sings like a girow.

They've been dancing to Michael's videos ever since.

It's a Rock Like It's The 80's Wednesday, my friends.


Glenda said...

Yes, Michael Jackson does sing like a girow ;-).

80's music is fun, no doubt about it. Party on F & E3!!

Lisa said...

Oh that is funny. I bet it is quite entertaining to watch those two jamming out.