Monday, August 11, 2008

Shh, They're Spying!

There's a chimney sweep here today, cleaning and inspecting our fireplaces - two of them, a la 1970's ranch style home.

Last night, when I told the girls a guy was coming to clean the chimneys and that they needed to stay out of his way, E1 and E2 (informed separately) began giggling.

E1: Is he a chimney sweep?

Rob: Yes, he is.

E1: (giggle)


Me: A guy is coming to clean the chimney tomorrow.

E1: He's a chimney sweep!

E2: (giggle)

Me: Why is that funny?


Today, they were checking out the front window in anticipation of his arrival. When a van finally stopped at the curb and a guy wearing jeans and a navy blue polo shirt emerged, E1 remarked,

E1: That's him? He doesn't look like a chimney sweep.

Me: What is a chimney sweep supposed to look like?

E1: Black clothes and black stuff all over his in Mary Poppins.

Me: That would be a chimney sweep who hasn't bathed.

They're now spying on him using all assorted spy gear they've accumulated over the years - including the pink spy fake cell phone that required them to take a trip up to the hardware store for fresh batteries.

Who knew chimney sweeps were such suspicious characters?

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