Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Birds!

We've been having days every now and then, that set our minds thinking of Spring. Today is the warmest day yet, with the high estimated to be 70 degrees, I believe.

I can't help but think the teachers in the area are so grateful to be able to send the kids outside to run off some energy today.

With the warmer weather comes the birds. I received a charming little bird feeder for Christmas and it's become quite the hopping place for our fine feathered friends. Most days, we get to enjoy seeing Cardinals, nuthatches, sparrows, wrens, and the occasional Blue Jay. However, in these early days of Spring, there are all those roving bands of starlings - or whatever those black birds are; you see them descend upon a yard, field, or any expanse of grass, and soaring through the air in a seemingly endless expanse - like a bolt of bird fabric*.

E3 enjoys these bands of birds and likes to call out, "It's a FLOCK OF BIRDS!", which was even more fun to hear before she became more distinct in her pronunciation (AFWOCKABIRDS!), and we see them EVERYWHERE as we go about our day to day business; even in our own backyard.

Unfortunately, the marauders are looting my feeder at an alarming rate - and crapping all over the back porch. I demand that they return to the dark forests, or from wherever they emerged, so I don't go broke trying to keep the usual backyard birds fed.

*I could have sworn there was a sniglet for that, but maybe I'm confusing it with yard ribbon.

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Rebecca said...

there really is nothing worse than working in the schools in the winter when the kids can't go out. nothing. worse.