Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get Your Souvenirs Here

It's icy and cold here in the St. Louis area - so icy that Jim Cantore is reporting from STL! OMG!!

In an effort to ignore all that nastiness on this Love Thursday, I give you a heaping helping of Aloha - in the form of some of the treats Rob's parents brought us from Hawaii.

They thought they grabbed the ever-awesome Caramacs - but we weren't about to complain!

Flower hair clips

Scented Hawaiian crystals.

Day old, but still fragrant, flower leis, and two fresh, ripe pineapples (the other may have already been on the chopping block).

1 comment:

Becky said...


Glad you enjoyed your Hawaiian trinkets!

Sometimes you post a comment on my Aloha Blog. I know you posted a comment when my daughter found that camera on the lava flow last July. Do you remember that story?

There is an ending to the story HAVE to go to my blog and read it. (grab some tissues)