Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Contact Your Senator

As the Senate returns to Washington, DC this week to reconvene for the second session of the 110th Congress, now is the time to continue your outreach to the Senate in support of the ALS Registry Act (S. 1382). Thanks to the efforts of advocates from across the country, nearly 70 Senators - more than two-thirds of the Senate - have cosponsored the bill! However, it is important that we continue to generate new cosponsors.

Listed below are the Senators who have yet to cosponsor the ALS Registry Act. If you live in one of these states, please contact your Senator today and forward this alert to friends, family and colleagues who live in these states as well. Sample letters that you can personalize are available in the Advocacy Action Center of our website. Let Senators know how important an ALS registry is to their constituents and why it is so critical that the Senate pass the bill as soon as possible. Let them know that people with ALS don't have time to wait!

Please remember, since Members of Congress are most responsive to their constituents, only contact these Senators if you live in their state. If your Senators already have cosponsored the bill, please thank them and ask that they work with their colleagues to pass the ALS Registry Act as soon as possible this year.

Arizona: Senators John McCain & Jon Kyl
Colorado: Senators Wayne Allard & Ken Salazar
Idaho: Senator Mike Crapo

Illinois: Senator Barack Obama (note from me: He claims he won't vote on 'medical' things because he has no medical knowledge or somesuch. This, to me, is not a medical issue but a technology issue.)

Indiana: Senator Richard Lugar
Kansas: Senator Pat Roberts
Kentucky: Senator Mitch McConnell
Mississippi: Senator Roger Wicker
Missouri: Senator Kit Bond
Nebraska: Senator Ben Nelson
Nevada: Senator John Ensign
New Hampshire: Senator Judd Gregg
New Mexico: Senator Pete Domenici
Ohio: Senator George Voinovich
Oklahoma: Senators James Inhofe & Tom Coburn
Pennsylvania: Senator Arlen Specter
Tennessee: Senators Lamar Alexander & Bob Corker
Texas: Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison & John Cornyn
Utah: Senator Orrin Hatch
West Virginia: Senators John Rockefeller & Robert Byrd
Wisconsin: Senators Herb Kohl & Russ Feingold
Wyoming: Senator John Barrasso

As we continue to work with our champions in the Senate, Senators Harry Reid (D-NV) and John Warner (R-VA) to bring the ALS Registry Act to the floor for a vote, we will keep you up-to-date on the latest developments and let you know what additional grassroots outreach is requested by Senators Reid and Warner.

In the meantime, please keep up the great work!

Thank you! (this is from an ALSA Advocacy email)

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