Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If It Pleases The Court

I've spent the last two days as a juror on a civil trial. If you're thinking that I was just talking about jury duty a month ago, you get a gold star for memory; it's a two month term in our county and they notify you when you need to appear. Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, things didn't get as weird as they did last time.

It's really tricky to casually take pictures near a courthouse and a jail without feeling guilty of stalking.

This go-round I was chosen as a juror. It was a property dispute of-sorts between The Farmers and The Coon Hunters. We gave The Coon Hunters access to the field road, but didn't make The Farmers pay for the alleged erosion damage.

We, the jurors, all agreed that it would royally suck to be on a sequestered jury. Thanks be for the lunch break! And the smoke break - even if you're not actually smoking!

We, the jurors, also all agreed that there are a few words and phrases we don't want to hear for quite a while:

  • berm
  • Northwest corner
  • West side of the roadway
  • ditch in the woods

Didn't have to be back in court until 2:00 p.m. this day.
We, the jurors, also wondered why the pecan tree was even mentioned and why, since it WAS mentioned, no one brought up the worth of the pecans from said pecan tree.

I think a case could be made for jury duty causing insanity among said jurors.


Rebecca said...

oh my, that's the cutest looking court house ever. seriously, ever. from the outside, you'd have no clue of the shenanigans going on inside.

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

The courthouse isn't pictured - the first photo is of the original City Hall building, which I think is still used by the police department. The newish-looking building to the left in that photo is the jail.

The courthouse is actually only several years old and much more modern. We had a long lunch break the second day, so I whiled away my time taking photos of some of the older buildings on the square around the courthouse.