Friday, November 23, 2007

Weekend Link

Really the only link I need to post today, particularly if you're shopping online; Mir is your gal.

Both Rob's parents and my parents came from large families, and I can so relate to this statement from Dana's recent STL Today column. "It’s like speed dating, but with gobs of food and obligation."

"One of the weird things about parenthood is that one of the more gratifying experiences you can have is taking care of a sick kid. Sick kids are just about the saddest, most pathetic creatures this side of three-legged dogs." Bob Rybarczyk is another STL Today columnist, and I use his full name because he admits to sometimes googling himself. Hi Bob!


Glenda said...

Sick four-legged dogs are pretty pathetic, too. Both of our puppers were sick today and my oh my how pitiful they looked . . .

Rebecca said...

did you read bob's column today?? i about lost it with my laughter. my mom actually agrees that he should be in the hall of fame ;)

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

Oh my! Yes, he does deserve Hall of Fame Status...but he should maybe stay home until Melon Ball (not her real name) gets her turn with that nasty virus.


Bob said...

Hi Nancy!

Sorry I'm late.