Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Of Lawyerly Legend

After once again marveling about yesterday's turn of events, I gave my first ever deposition today and was told I did a good job. Still, it was pretty strange, going through what I could remember from five years ago; there were repeated questions focused on events that I barely recall which just made me very curious about...whatever they were trying to get at.

Did you see...?

Do you recall...?

Was there any...?

In the end, the lawyer for the defense said I did some damage to both sides and the lawyer for the plaintiff agreed. They've pushed off the trial until January so they'll be drawing from a new jury pool - they don't want to risk pulling one of the jurors that was present again for this trial. It's understandable - one of my fellow jurors, a friend, called me last night to check on me.

Did they throw you in the clink?

He reported that they dismissed the jurors soon after I was pulled into the conference room, but they never saw me leave...and they were all speculating about the case amongst themselves.

So, I should be treated to another 'first' in the next few months. Being subpoenaed.

I requested they deliver it during the morning so as not to interrupt nap time. Hey, I gotta manage my day-job, right?


Rebecca said...

How crazy!

Glenda said...

Not a boring day, was it!