Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Am Tired

I was up far too late last night, skulking around the internets for Christmas gift ideas.

I've got some Christmas gift organizing to do so I know where I'm at with all of that, and the place where they're all stored is massively cluttered. Do. Not. Want. To. Enter.

I'm drowning in papers, papers, and more papers that are the result of having two kids in school, Girl Scouts, and children's choir.

I have fluffed the same load of laundry three times now so it won't be wrinkled when I hang it up - but I never stay around until the dryer stops.

I bought new sheers for the living room and I can't get them to work with the pin hooks that were on the old curtains, or the other pin hooks my Mom gave me.

I'm going to take a nap.


Rebecca said...

darn curtains. one of ours in our bedroom fell down this past week, and stayed that way until last night, when i insisted jeff fix it so i could sleep in late in an adequately darkened room :) and ps. i would have fixed it myself, being all feminist and self sufficient and stuff, but alas, i am a woman, i am short, and our windows are twelve food high.

Anonymous said...

I love naps! I had one this afternoon and yesterday afternoon.


MitMoi said...

You mean clothes get hung??

Heh. I thought there natural habitat was the washer/dryer/bed/floor. I've never seen them in drawers or on hangers before. ;)