Saturday, October 13, 2007

Where's My Cake?

I've been avoiding this post all week because I couldn't decide what was most appropriate to celebrate my 200th post.

I thought about sharing the message in a recent junk mail:

tell is caret trusteeship

so be glut falconer

You don't have to work hard if you have a huge men part

A do congress nonchalant agreement

If I got strange searches that resulted in a click to this site, I could list those as a 'first time' type of thing. I never get anything too wild though - mostly searches on skunks and bee stings.

I could update on my neighbor stalking: Thursday, as E2 and I walked to the Post Office the new-mom next door was out by her car putting on a sweatshirt. I made eye contact and said, "Hi", but that's all my introverted self could manage without blurting, "So are you moving in or what?" I thought that might be rude.

She said, "It got cold!"

I said, "Yes, and so suddenly!"

And then we continued on our ways. There's more moving-in type action over there today.

We are in various stages of illness here, which I can use to blame my lack of posting energy. Last weekend was an all-around Albuterol inhaler weekend for E3, and she's still coughing and snotty. E1, Rob, and I are all stuffy and coughing as well.

E2, if you noted above, stayed home from school on Thursday. As we were leaving my in-laws Wednesday night she began celebrating a festival of bodily fluids. In yet another display of awesomeness, my Father-in-law cleaned up the...mess...while I ran home for clean clothes for her. Once the...mess...was gone my Mother-in-law gave her a bath. Grandma Carol doesn't do well with...messes...such as that and had to remove herself from the scene. Grandpa Bob, now enjoying his retirement, stepped in to take E3 to gymnastics on Thursday so I could hang here with E2.

Tonight Rob and I will be attending his 20th high school reunion. We missed the 15 year reunion because we were out of town at a wedding, and at the 10th I was about halfway through my pregnancy with E1, and so, was piecing things together because I didn't need maternity clothes yet, but not much of what I had fit. It was a bit of a style show for the female classmates, and while I don't feel the need to be all decked out, I don't want to be underdressed tonight. It's at the winery, and if Rob and I were just going out there to hang out for a while, either alone or with friends, I'd wear jeans, ankle boots... Actually, on a night like tonight I'd wear jeans and a shirt and sweater - it's going to be chilly, but we'd still try to sit out by a fire pit. However, it's inside...happy hour with appetizers and then music and I don't know if jeans, a sweater, and boots will cut it or if I should go for something dressier... Regardless of what I decide, I'm putting gloves in my coat pockets in case we wind up outside by a fire pit.

It will be a night of laughs I think, if we don't let our upper respiratory congestion get in the way. In leiu of cake celebrating my 200th post, I'll have to have a glass of wine.


Ali said...

Congratulations on post # 200! It's always a pleasure to read your blog. As for cake, sounds like time to bring some to the new neighbors! (Or maybe applesauce muffins).

Anonymous said...

Hope you're having a great time at the reunion. Congrats on your 200th post! I'll give you a Katydid when I come home next weekend.


Rebecca said...

Good for you for going to the reunion. . . I don't think that's an experience I'll ever purposefully choose to have! I'm sure you'll look beautiful. Hope everyone gets well over there, and that you get some scoop on the neighbors!

Daisy said...

wine is a good celebration for #200. Enjoy yourself!