Monday, October 01, 2007

Be With Myself In Center...Clarity...

We had a busy weekend with some late nights and my introverted self is overloaded.

Judging by E1's behavior today she's feeling the same way.

E2 sustained an ankle injury in a strange teeter-totter accident but thankfully, nothing that required an urgent care visit.

E3 clocked her eyebrow on the above water fountain at the park which left blood running down her face but again, thankfully, it's merely a flesh wound.

In the photo, E3 (on the left) and her second cousin were having a grand ole time splashing in the water fountain. Of course, they were soaked before it was all over and so was that poor baby doll dressed like Piglet.


Rebecca said...

I totally get the introverted self comment

zoot said...

I'm not necessarily introverted, but I'm definitely a "HomeBody" so any night out wears me out.

(Happy DeLurking Day)

Daisy said...

I interact with people all day (adults and children, I teach) so by the time I get home, I want to stay home. I understand.