Friday, September 07, 2007

The Weekend In Pictures

Okay, so they're last weekend's pictures. I'm blaming it on the short week.

Tunes on the double cassette player; a little Tampico Trauma to set the mood.

Fifty-cent roller skates from the church rummage sale - E1's first attempt at skating on something other than the basement carpet.

Life is Delicious retro Strawberry Shortcake shirt, handed down from Aunt Christine.

Swanky lounge chair wondering where it went wrong; why it isn't holding a bikini model slathered in Ban deSoleil.

Two Cardinals that came with the house and have been with us for 11 years now.

A specimin board showing pairs of the various acorns that were once found in our yard (before we lost some trees to the great storm of 2005). Kind of racy looking.

The garage has been declared clean.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Those roller skates are bringing back some serious childhood memories!