Monday, September 24, 2007

Was There A Second Spitter?

Yesterday at mass, there was a special blessing for all catechists - from religion and Sunday school teachers to children's choir directors and everything in between. After the blessing, Father walked the aisle to sprinkle the congregation with Holy Water. He walked down the aisle sprinkling on his left, and then came back up the aisle sprinkling on his left again (the side of church where we were sitting) which had the water coming at us from behind.

As the water came down and everyone was crossing themselves, E3 turned to look at me and whisper-hissed, "Someone spit water on me!"

It was all I could do not to whisper back, "It was Father!"


Rebecca said...

At least it was behind you so it didn't get in your eye. Cause that's always fun.

Lisa said...

Ah hahahahhaaha. She is too cute!