Monday, July 09, 2007

Loose Ends

Our Moving Day Anniversary party was mucho fun, considering it was a very humid day. There was even a spirited discussion regarding investing; show pigs vs. fuzzy chickens. It's all about where the money's at, I'm told.

A worthwhile loaner.

I'm relieved. The allergy Dr said they won't close the door on E3 possibly outgrowing her peanut allergy until age 5 or 6. As we entered the weekend pondering her high test results, it occurred to me that maybe her Memorial Day trip to Urgent Care could have been an allergic reaction. Well, except for the high fever that still indicated the upper respiratory infection she'd been diagnosed with that day.

The Dr didn't give that thought too much credence though, since the supposed reaction was a pretty long after the time she ingested ice cream (manufactured in a facility that also manufactures peanuts) at a birthday party the night before. She woke up at 2am with a fever and difficulty breathing, and she ate the ice cream around 8p.m. Nonetheless, I'm pinning my blame on that ice cream and my neglecting to ask to read the label because it's more comforting to have a reason than just 'sometimes these things happen'.

Perhaps the most important item of the weekend: I located an alternative brand of ramen noodles (Maruchan) so Rob can continue to make his specialty, Daddy Noodles. That is the only thing to date that has caused E1 and E2 to complain about the peanut issue ("We have to get rid of all the good food!"), so I'm glad I found a solution. So long, possibly peanut-contaminated Top Ramen!

Things have felt crazy and on-the-go since...well, last weekend, I guess. Here a party, there a party, everywhere a party, party. This week has a morning art class for E1 and E2 Monday through Wednesday, Rob had a meeting tonight, tomorrow night E2 has a t-ball game, Wednesday afternoon E1 is going swimming at a friend's, and that evening E1 and E2 are being hauled out to camp with Grandma T, cousin J, cousin E, and cousin F. Thursday E3 has gymnastics, and after errands and a nap I'll haul her out to camp with all of the above plus another cousin J, and maybe my sister. I'm hoping to begin painting our bedroom and finish on Friday. Sometime Friday I'll head out to the campground and haul my children and whatever else is necessary home, and we hope to get to the public pool that night so E2 can get some swimming practice in with Rob. Luckily, the pool closes at 7 so we can come home an collapse.

Our school's summer library program ends this week Thursday, so all Accelerated Reader tests need to be done by Wednesday morning for my girls. Really, that just means E2 because E1 read two books to meet, and exceed, the 10 point challenge. All the books in E2's range of reading levels are only worth .5 points. She's been reading her little tush off to get to that 10 points, and doing an awesome job of it, reading books to E3 and F nearly every day at nap time...but man, will I be glad when the program is over.

I wish they had set a lower point goal for the younger students; E2 is one of two students in her class of 14 who is participating in the program, and the other student won't meet the goal in time because she's in daycare and can't traipse up to the library in the morning like we've been doing. If they meet the 10 point goal they get invited to a pool party at the public pool. Tonight, one Mom told me she heard that those that don't make the goal can just pay regular pool entry to the party. I'm feeling torn about that; I know how hard E2 has been working to get books read, but the alternative is not many kids her age at the party.

In summary: the girls' summer vacation is just racing by, and we have a lot of leftover bratwurst.

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