Friday, July 20, 2007

"Every Time A Fly Lands, It Poops."

E3 has recently learned that somewhere, from someone, but she won't give up the culprit. Instead, when I ask she claims, "It's magic."

I don't even think it's true - they don't actually poop, but you never know if they were last standing in poop - isn't that how it goes?

She's not at all afraid of sharing this new knowledge. Oh, no. Her gymnastics teacher, another mom at gymnastics, my sister-in-law's boss at St. Louis Bread Co...charming.


Jenn said...

They do poop every time they when they land on your skin, they pooped on you!

There was a show on Animal Planet about insects that talked about pooping flies...maybe she picked it up there?

Glenda said...

Every time I see a fly land on something, I think of that! I always thought it was true (but hope that it's not when they land on food).

Rebecca said...

I thought it was that they throw up everytime they land... Or that they throw up when they land on food, because that's what helps them eat their food... or something?