Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Six Degrees of Linkage

We've all heard about the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon by now, right? Behold, a St. Louis version:

I've known Lisa since we were little tykes. Our Moms would trade babysitting so they could get out of the house and away from us munchkins. They also played cards together. Lisa was in the same high school class as my sister Amy, and the two of them were part of a larger group of girlfriends that has kept in touch since high school. Lisa lives in Missouri, near St Louis (henceforth known as STL).

When I had E2 and E3, we hired a doula (FABULOUS! Everyone should do this!) named Barb (henceforth known as Doula Barb) and also attended the Bradley Childbirth classes she taught. During E3's 'labor' (after my water had broken, but before contractions), Rob was relaying to Barb how he liked to read Suburban Fringe by Bob Rybarczyk and often felt our lives (before Bob's divorce and remarriage) were parallel. Doula Barb revealed that she knew Bob R and went to school with his sister.

When Lisa moved to her new neighborhood, she emailed me her new address. I immediately called out to Rob, "Lisa's new house is down the street from Doula Barb!" Lisa and Doula Barb are now part of a Bunco Babes group.

I began reading Dana's blog, oh, a year or so ago I'd guess. Since Dana writes for just like Bob R, it wasn't a huge surprise when she mentioned him one time. Dana recently wrote a column regarding Missouri hombirthin' laws (because it's Missouri, it's homebirthin'), and in the comments on her blog I chimed in about our positive experiences with Doula Barb. Lisa commented that she knows/lives near Doula Barb. Rebecca recounted her experiences as a babysitter for Doula Barb's family AND learning part of her doula training from Doula Barb.

I don't know Rebecca, but I've been enjoying her blog since. However, Lisa and Dana met a couple of weeks ago, along with a couple of other bloggers.

Last week, Rob had lunch with his boss at Roadhouse Kitchen in Webster Groves, MO. A man walked in from the patio and Rob, who admits he's not the best at recognizing faces, immediately thought this man was someone he knew. The man walked past as Rob was still trying to place him: contractor, project manager..? when his boss asked, "Do you know that guy over there?" He turned to look and said guy was looking right at him. It was Jamie Allman.

Dana has recently hit the airwaves locally with Jamie Allman.

I began reading Jenn after linking through a comment on Midwestern Mommy - and she had me listed as one of the blogs she likes to read so immediately became my internetly friend. She writes for a newspaper as well, and so, is a co-worker of our friend Rod. Rod was in our wedding.

Now I'm just waiting for Lisa or Dana to get knocked up and hire Doula Barb...or Dana's husband Chris' building remodel to unknowingly order fabricated metal from Foreman Fabricators...or for Dana to mention that she lives down the street from a single gentleman with a huge great dane named THOR (to which I'll reply, "That's my uncle!").

I'm going to do my best to make the next STL Blogger chick get-together, because it's high time we get to braiding each other's hair, don'tcha think?

Less than six degrees, people...although, I'm not sure who the Kevin Bacon would be in my STL version. It's like the circle of life, or the food chain or something.

Or maybe it's just STL.


Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, Nancy, this post cracks me up.

I literally know, like, no one; so I'm thrilled to be a part of any kind of chain of people-knowing!

What a strange, small world St. Louis can be. I'm excited that those random comments on Dana's site connected us, albeit in a very strange way!

Lisa said...

Isn't it funny. I MUST e-mail Barb to let her know he's like the center of a connection. Crazy.

Oh and Doesn't Rebecca (the blogger) remind you of Becky K? As in the photo?

Lisa said...

That suburban fringe guy is hysterical!

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

Actually, Rebecca's photo reminds me of a woman who works at my chiropractor's office. And, for the record, if Rebecca comes back and says, "Hey! My Mom works for a chiro in IL."...well, it's really going to freak my shit out, man.

Jenn said...

Oh, how funny! There is something about St. Louis, that big city/small town feeling it has that makes the connections believable.

I've met so many people in this area who know people I know and I always have to say "Huh, small world!"

It really makes ya watch your p's & q's when you go out on the town, that's for sure, cause you never know just who's watching!

Rebecca said...

I am laughing hysterically at how you (meaning Nancy and Lisa) think I look like... who is it... oh, yes, Becky K and the chiropractor's office woman.

I actually get that often, that I look like whoever. Not a lot, but often enough that it makes me laugh.

Sorry to say, neither I nor my mom works for a chiro in IL. That, and my hair is now much longer... but I'm thinking of chopping it again.

Talk to you chicas soon!

Dana said...

I had to laugh at this. It is amazing who you meet through the Web - pun intended!

Bob said...

I totally agree. I am hysterical. And, I'm sad to say, when I need a distraction at work I Google my own name and find obscure references to myself like this. And yes, I know Doula Barb, though I haven't seen her in years.

Nancy @ World Wide Rolves said...

Me, to Rob: "DUDE! Bob R commented on my blog."

Yo, Bob.