Thursday, June 21, 2007

Coming Back To Bite Me

Remember my bee sting from last Thursday? For some reason today my toe is swollen, a bit numb, and very itchy. I wonder if I didn't get all of the stinger removed? It's got me a little spooked because it just doesn't look good.

Earlier today I called to get E3 an appointment with the dr this afternoon because she's sounding congested like she did just before our Urgent Care visit on Memorial Day. I called back just before lunch time to ask them to add me to the appointment so he can look at my toe.

I've already touched up the polish on my toes and I'm trying to stay chill about it.

Keep your toes crossed for me.

[eta] Just a delayed reaction in my toe says the doc. E3's is just a head cold. All good.


Rebecca said...

hahaha... you polished your toes before your doctor visit! that's like doing your hair before going to get it cut. ahh, the wonders of vanity!

Glenda said...

Glad your toe and E3 are good.