Monday, November 06, 2006

Report Cards

The girls received their first report cards of the school year. High marks all around, with only a smidge of a negative remark on E2's; she talks when she should be working. We already knew THAT.

We'll be doing the report card shopping on Friday afternoon; Krispy Kreme gives doughnuts for A's, and Limited Too gives $5 off for a 'good' report card. SCORE! We're also meeting Rob for dinner and using some movie theatre gift certificates, but the girls don't know that yet. It should be a fun surprise, and a nice reward for their hard work.

Sunday morning, the girls were playing school in E3's room. Not long into the play, E1 (the teacher) came to the table to interrupt our paper-reading to present us with report cards for E2 and E3.

E2 received all 100-A's for her coursework in Play time, Reading time, Lunch time, Nap time, and 2nd Play time. Her report included the following note: She does well here at school. She tries hard, and sucseds. She is very good, this E2.

E3, enrolled in the same courses as E2, received all 100-A's, with the exception of Reading time, where she got a 98-A. Her report noted: She has a little trouble with reading. She looks at something, closes the book, and runs around the room, E3 does.

And this was before E1 had heard the way Yoda speaks.

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That is so funny!