Friday, November 10, 2006

Broken Streak

Did you notice how well I was doing with blogging every day? I was inspired by that NaBloPoMo thingy going on (I'm too lazy to link to it, and I'm not sure that's even the correct acronym), and although I didn't sign up to participate, I thought I'd try to post every day this month. Yesterday, my streak was broken.

I blame it on these people.

They weren't here for most of the day yesterday, and thus, I had no desire to 'escape' for a few minutes and hide at the computer.

I attended Parent-Teacher conferences to hear many accolades about my brilliant children, including "I wish I had ten more of E1 in my classroom." I was darn near giddy when I left, and I texted working-late Rob with the news, but went home to an empty house.

I could have come here and shared the news, but there was FREE time to soak up people. Also, I had to receive frosted sugar cookies and TWO loaves of cinnamon bread from Rob's Aunt Judy as payment for a couple of favors. We're livin' large!

Tonight, we went on the aforementioned report-card shopping trip. E2 got (MORE- gah!) lip gloss, and E1 got clip-on earrings. She'd no sooner completed the transaction before she was plotting to freak-out Daddy with the notion that she'd gotten her ears pierced. And she nearly got him - I shouldn't have winked just to see how much steam would have come out of his ears.

E3 began complaining that her ear hurt (she's had a cold) as we were leaving the mall, so we decided to skip Krispy-Kreme and head to CVS pharmacy. E2 was a little disgruntled about skipping, but I pointed out that we had cookies and cinnamon bread at home already so we could save the doughnuts for a different day. Not to mention her baby sister was sick. Ahem. Onward to Ibuprofin.

We saw Flushed Away, which we all enjoyed. The Slugs steal the show and the girls can't wait to tell Aunt Janet.

Afterwards I took Rob's car to aquire something for the Christmas stash, or possibly the vacation gifts-for-the flight stash, or possibly the 9th birthday stash. Fifty percent off coupon; it had to be done.

On the agenda for tomorrow: haircut for me (girls first PAID babysitter and we don't know what to charge - I'll have to phone-a-friend on the way to the haircut), general tidying of the house, and a cousin's wedding (maybe more Star-Wars, depending on what time we get home).

On the long-term agenda: start some lists before I commence freak-out-mode. Christmas, E3 bday in Jan, vacation in Jan, E2 bday in Feb - I should have lists! Really, there's no reason we shouldn't be packing for vacation! We're going where it's warm - we don't need that clothes right now - WHY AREN'T WE PACKED??? Actually, I already have one suitcase filled with swim suits and such because I couldn't see packing it all away for the winter only to pull it out again. We're all getting new luggage for Christmas though, so it will need to be relocated after the holidays.


Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous you got cinnamon bread!!! I haven't had that in forever. Is E3 feeling better?

Julia said...

Too funny that you didn't need to escape to the computer. I know what you mean!

Anonymous said...

Whatever the reason for your daily bloggings, I'm enjoying it!!