Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I have a headache the size of Texas. If only it had Excedrine written all over it. But it doesn't. It doesn't even give Excedrine the time of day. Tylenol? Ibuprofin? HA! They are dust specks to this headache.

I've had it since Thursday.

I'm going to the doctor today. Maybe it's just a sinus something, but I doubt it.

I've had migraines since puberty, I think, although I never realized they were migraines. No one ever gave me the idea that a 2-3 day headache of stabbing pain on one side of my head, so painful that I just want to sit, completely still, in a dark, quiet room was anything unusual. Possibly because Mom had them too and considered it normal as well?

So, it wasn't until a couple of years ago when Rob noted that he'd never had a headache that lasted longer than a day...had never had a headache that wasn't helped by Tylenol...had never had a headache that didn't go away with some sleep...that I thought, hmmmm, maybe this isn't normal. And still, this is the first time I'll speak of it to my doctor. I've been avoiding, yes, but not denying.

For a long time now, monthly chiropractic appointments have kept them to a minimum. I've tried a couple of herbal remedies to no avail, and I've tried self-applied accupressure. Most of the time, the migraines are 2-ish days long, at the end of my cycle. This one is bigger than that. I had another migraine of this magnitude back in March when I was out of town, the culmination of which was asking the airport shuttle driver to pull over so I could lurch out of the van and chuck over a guard rail. Fun.

I'm tired of losing days to pain. E1 has begun to notice and ask repeatedly if my headache is better. Now that I've finally gotten up the nerve to look into bigger things, I hope the doctor (not my regular doctor) doesn't brush me off as crazy. Also, I hope he gives me magically powerful drugs.


Karen said...

Sounds awful! Hope you get some relief, {{{Nancy}}}

Lisa said...

I hope you get some good drugs too. Been dealing with them for years as well...

If you need the name of a neurologist who deals with migraines, let me know. I know of a very nice one...

Anonymous said...

((( Nancy ))) I just saved an email tonight off an unschooling list wherein the mom talked about the things that help her with migraines, as I had planned to forward the email to you, but after reading your post I'm not sure there's anything in her email that you haven't already tried :(

I sure hope your doctor is able to help. I can only imagine how debilitating your migraines must be.