Friday, October 06, 2006

The Leaves Are Turning

Time to take in the fall colors

Maybe bring home some souvenirs

And, of course, hope for a strong wind to blow them out of our yard before raking is necessary.

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Glenda said...

Andrew would bring home a bucket of leaves too =)

Last year we decided to not rake -or- pick up fallen pecans. Bad idea on both counts -- it's very difficult to distinguish dog poo from pecans-in-the-shell admist a sea of leaves LOL.

One year Rodney used his leaf blower to suck up and chip up the leaves, which makes nice flowerbed cover. As much as I hate the leaf blower noise, I've gotta admit it's very functional when used this way!

Last year our next door neighbor got tired of our front year leaves blowing into his yard, so he leaf-blew them onto the far side of our house!!! You gotta love neighbors.