Monday, October 02, 2006

Growl Power! Growl Power!

E1 and I were invited by one of her classmates (and her mom) to yesterday's Cheetah Girls concert at The Fox Theater.

The SCREAMING! OH THE SCREAMING!!! Small girls SCREAMING! everywhere.

The show was opened by the band Everlife . I've never heard of them, but they did a great live performance. They were followed by Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana. SCREAMING!! Her show was lip-synched, which became obvious when she walked off the stage because she felt ill, but her voice kept singing. Also, she made a mistake with the lyrics (close-up on the big screen) and made an 'oops' look at the dancer on her right instead of going on with the show.

Throughout both of those acts, it seemed that while the girls loved being up there on stage, their body language says there is still a lot of self-consciousness. Or maybe it's a lack of experience with being onstage. Their backs were to the stage as often as their fronts, it seemed.

Finally, it was time for the Cheetah Girls. More SCREAMING!! A very entertaining (although also appeared to be lip-synched) show that our girls loved, with a story line that kept us all interested, and the Cheetahs are all about strutting around on stage. E1 didn't even notice that Raven wasn't on tour with them and whispered to me, "There are four Cheetah Girls. One must be missing today."

The cranky old lady in me has a gripe with the way each group kept demanding that we all get up for every darn song. Is it so bad that I want to SIT while I watch the show?

The line for the $35 t-shirt racket was immense, and then they booted us out at 2:45, sending us down the street to a store front they had going so they could set up for the 4p.m. show. The line at the store front went down. the. block. At this point, E1 wisely agreed with me that we could look for one online. Once we got home and found one she decided- Eh, she didn't want a shirt so much. I'm thinking I should give her $5 for that.

We finished up our exciting day with a stop at Steak & Shake, where I ate enough food to last me the whole week. YUMMY.

It was a nice escape for us. E3 woke with a festival of bodily fluids dragging on her and the poor thing couldn't even keep water down. So, while I came home to a pile of puky stuff that needed washing, at least I didn't have to spend the day catching the puke. She's feeling marginally better today, and is not only keeping water down, but also a half a piece of toast and a bit of yogurt as well. The chocolate soy milk she had at dinner time, not so much.


Glenda said...

I think it stinks that Miley Cyrus goes on tour as Hannah Montana. The girl has a great singing voice; it's too bad she made a deal with the devil . . . uh, I mean Disney . . . in which she tours as a tv character's persona. It'll be interesting to see how she breaks out of that mold when her contract with Disney is up.

And the Cheetah Girls without Raven on tour . . . you know they HAVE to be lip syncing because the songs sound the same as they do in the movie LOL!

Very nice that you ended up not buying the $35 concert shirt =)

Julia said...

I think I'm glad I've never heard of the Cheetah Girls. ;) I'm glad they had a good time. I have fond memories of the first concert I attended with my dad. Vanilla Ice.

Mom Nancy said...

I don't know - I think having an 'alias' lets her leave the character behind at some point.

Hillary Duff (Lizzie McGuire) doesn't seem to be doing so bad.